Well, I’m not living up to my promise to be a better blogger after leaving KC. We just spent a week and a half at my parents’ house, though, and they don’t have internet access. So, I had a good excuse!

We had a good time with them, eating and relaxing. Faith and I helped my mom put up her Christmas tree. It was fun because Faith’s finally at the age where she can really help. She and I also had fun cooking some for her Meems and Peeps (that’s what she calls my parents).

Our girls are doing well. Faith’s imagination is really taking off. She pretends to play with “Bob” and “Larry” (from Veggie Tales) all the time. They eat with us, drive behind us when we’re in the car, get disciplined, etc! She’s also really enjoying playing with the girls of the family that we’re staying with right now. They’re all older than her, but she loves being part of their games and pretend play.

Haven is crawling everywhere and is actually pulling up on stuff. She really likes to pull up on me when I’m sitting in the floor with her. I’ll hold her hands and she tries to let go! She’s not steady at all, so she’s my brave little dare-devil! She loved eating some turkey from my plate at Thanksgiving, too.

Here are some pictures.

Haven and her cousin Evie. These girls are only 2 days apart in age, but look farther apart than that when it comes to size (and hair!).

Here’s one of the few pics I can get of Faith without her eyes all squinty. 🙂

Haven wouldn’t sit still for the picture

Faith’s new name for Haven is “sissy” (but pronounced “sizzy”).

  • that makes my heart a little happy to see you all- good chat today and looking forward to tomorrow