We have not abandoned ship, here! So sorry for the long delay, but this month our lives have been turned upside down. The Lord has been clearly leading us to a huge transition. Although we knew this transition was coming, we thought it was 6 months or more down the road and were not sure how it was all going to come about. Anyway, sorry to be vague, but most of the people who read this blog (all 5 of you!) know us well and already know the story anyway. So, the long and short of it is, that we are moving to North Carolina next week for at least 3 months. After which, we will be heading back overseas. We are so excited about all that the Lord has in store over the next few weeks, months, and years!
More importantly, here’s news of the girls. Faith just turned 3 last Saturday. We celebrated at the zoo, which is free to KC residents this month. Mommy made a princess castle cake (much props to Lydia, without whose help, the cake would have ended up in the trash!). Ok, so Lydia really made the cake! 🙂 Thanks to Faith’s friends who came and made it all the more special. Faith got many fun gifts and really enjoyed herself this year!
Haven is almost 8 months old and already has 5 teeth in (and #6 is following close behind)! She’s “inchworm” crawling and can get most places she wants to go. She loves her big sister and is constantly laughing at her crazy antics! Haven’s babbling lots and now says, “Dada.” Ok, here are some pics.
Matching girls
Happy Haven (which she is most of the time, when she’s not getting teeth in!)

The (not quite structurally sound!) princess castle cake and the princess
The friends in a tree at the zoo

The big girl with her big girl guitar
  • You all definitely have a lot going on right now! Good luck with the move!

    Pictures of Marshall are on our blog or on facebook! We, of course, think he’s adorable!

  • love it! well said-

  • Fabulous cake! Happy Birthday, Faith!

  • Thanks for entering my give-away. Your kids are precious.