Happy 2 week birthday, Haven Grace!

Milk coma: what’s in this stuff, anyway?

Haven’s nickname has become “baby bird.” So, here she is in her birdie gown.

This photo session is wearing me out!

Very serious

Here’s a picture of Faith at 2 days old for comparison. Does everyone else think our girls look alike?

In other news, Faith tried to feed her baby sister cheese puffs yesterday (hey, at least she’s sharing). I came back into the room to find the evidence all over Haven’s face! Faith is a very good big sister, though. I put Haven in her car seat yesterday so that I could shower and put her in the bathroom (so I could keep an eye on her as well!). Faith came in, sat in the floor, and told Haven stories until I was done. It was sweet (just not very private!). Here’s a picture of Faith “helping” me go through some clothes today.

  • hey guys! we love the pictures. the girls are adorable! miss you all!