I remember clearly the week of my birthday, 4 years ago. We were living in Africa and had been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months. The week of my birthday, I took my very first positive pregnancy test. We were so elated and couldn’t believe it was actually true. And thus, our journey with our precious Faith began.

A little less than 9 months later, we were in the Middle East, getting ready for the birth of our first daughter. My water broke on October 17th, at about 4 pm. We called the doctor to see what to do and she said we should come in. We went to dinner at Kenny Rogers’ Roasters and then headed to the doctor’s office at the hospital. She made us get checked in at the hospital and while Tim went back to the hotel to get my hospital bag, I got settled in to my room. That night, things progressed slowly and we were giddy. We eventually tried to get some sleep. The next morning, I wasn’t as far along as my doctor wanted me to be, so I was induced. Labor went quickly from there. I was induced at about 7:30 am and Faith was born at 12:35 pm. So many interesting memories come to me from that day. Like the fact that my doctor wore flashy, spiky high heels up until the moment I started pushing, and then she changed into something like galoshes. Also, some great co-workers of ours came to be with us while I was giving birth and were the first people besides us and the hospital staff to meet Faith. Faith didn’t cry when she was born, but just grunted happily.

We just celebrated Faith’s 4th birthday on the 18th and I needed to reminisce. I am so blessed to know and get to love this precious one. She is such a caring, sweet girl. Sure, she’s like other 3 and 4 year olds with all the normal behaviors and attitudes that drive you crazy, but the good far surpasses the challenges. She loves her sister, loves us, and really loves Jesus well. She’s funny, focused, silly, serious, meticulous, and so, so creative. I love her so and am so proud of the little girl she’s growing into. Be blessed, my love!

First Birthday

Fourth Birthday