No matter how many times we go to a different culture, we find that we still have new things to learn.  Or, better yet, old things we knew that we have to be reminded of!  Saturday was a perfect example of this.  We were invited to a “graduation party” of a lady in our church.  She was insistent that we come and we wanted to support her.  However, the girls had had a crazy week and were exhausted, so it was decided that “Pa” would go.  On Saturday morning, he still didn’t know the time or the place, when our local friend, “David” called to ask Pa to meet him downtown in about an hour (9:30am).  So it began.  When Pa arrived, he discovered that he was actually attending the graduation ceremony.  Then, they went to the party.  Well, K is an “event-oriented” culture, which means that the event is the most important thing.  This is opposite of the US, which is a “time-oriented” culture, where we value our personal time above (just about) everything else.  So, in the US, a graduation party is almost always an open-house deal where people can come and go as they please, with no major time commitment.  In K, a graduation party is the event and people come and stay for the duration.  So, Pa arrived and they began the food preparations.  It would have been considered rude to leave before the food was ready.  Then, after the food is served, people begin to give mini-speaches.  Pa is, of course, expected to say something, and then, listen as others share.  Needless to say, this was an all day event.  Pa finally arrived home about 5pm.  It was not what we envisioned for our Saturday, but it was vital in communicating to the members of our church that they are important to us.  We are here to love and serve and this is precisely what Pa spent his Saturday doing.  It was not easy, but oh so important.  We are thankful to the Lord that we are here, among such a gracious and loving people.  

  • haha! and praise the L-rd that you didn’t decide to take the rest of the crew. 😉

    p.s. LOVE that the blog is back!!