After I looked at my pictures, I thought of a few more things.

1. We’ve tried Haven out on some cereal 3 different times. The first time, for the 1st 4 hours after she ate it, she woke up screaming every 45 minutes. I think her tummy/digestive tract was not ready for it. The next time we tried, she blew raspberries the entire time, so most of the cereal ended up everywhere except in her tummy! The next time she blew raspberries again, but I got a little in a bit further and it made her gag. So, she still didn’t get much. I think we’ll wait a bit longer before we try again.

2. We have a very cool “sprayground” not far from our house (walking distance). It’s really a fun place, with different sprinklers everywhere. I would think that Faith would love it. We really have to convince her sometimes, though! She does like to play in it, but sometimes it’s a battle getting her to just jump in and get wet. When I was a kid, I would have been all about it! Maybe she’ll like it better next summer. Oh well.

Enjoy the pics

She won’t even cooperate with me enough to look at me when I take her picture there! 🙂

Stepping on the sprayers is a lot of fun!

Check out how long her hair is getting (MEEMS!).

Sometimes you have a feeling that something is out of place, but just can’t put your finger on it! :O

Our first sisters bathtime

Cereal face

  • I love the cereal face. It’s so funny how things that we remember being all over (spray ground) our kids aren’t. (at least some of them). I’m complete nature girl, my first born, it’s like torture for him. My 2nd and 3rd love it.

  • Beautiful girlies 🙂

  • My kids were both timid at the sprinkler park too. Go figure. Wish we had one here. Our apt. has a pool, but tell me how I’m supposed to take all three of them swimming by myself! We miss you guys! Hadessah’s called Faith on her play phone… wonder why it didn’t go through. 🙂