Here are some fun pictures from our “girly” Christmas.  Poor “Pa” would have, I think, enjoyed giving a ball or truck or some sort of weapon for Christmas.  But, alas, he was forced to give tea sets, dress up clothes, and fancy dresses.  In a spin on the Lord of the Rings, he said, “Testosterone has forsaken these lands.”  Ha!
Here’s “Laura” in her new African dress (please ignore the crazy striped socks that jump out at you!).
Here’s “Mary” in her new fancy, long African skirt and hat from the dress up box.  By the way, long skirts are her favorite right now because they “make me feel like a Pilgrim.”
“Baby Carrie” in her new tutu.
The girls in more fancy dresses from the dress up box.
Side note here.  My parents got the girls a “dress up box” for Christmas this year.  Can I just say, that, if you have girls, especially multiple girls, this is the best gift EVER.  All they did was collect some old clothes that other people didn’t want anymore and anything that was “fancy” was put in the dress up box.  The girls got hats, dresses, sequined items, high heels, belts, scarves.  My parents also threw in a few new items like feather boas and crowns and voila-the perfect gift.  My girls have been dressed up non-stop since they opened it all!  Which caused my husband to also say, “could this Christmas get any more girly?”
Nope.  Not really.
  • Hahahaha!!! I love it! Love seeing the girls, LOVE your husbands reaction to it all and remember well the days I speak of overwhelming testosterone. Like when the bugs and sweat come rolling in my house. With smiles! Love you guys and great pics-

    p.s. love the striped socks too!

  • I, of course, am very accustomed to girly anything. This Christmas, however, my middle child went all tom boy on us (we saw it coming). Her list included a basketball hoop, race-cars + track, and sling shot. Her grandpa and uncle were happy to oblige (minus the slingshot). Happy 2012!!!