Faith is a crazy napper. There are so many funny nap stories that I’m not sure where to begin. Way back in the days of sleeping in her crib, she would, from time-to-time, keep herself awake by talking to herself for 2 hours! Then, she learned to climb out of her crib and was hastily introduced to a toddler bed. Oh the joys of the toddler bed. I came in one day to find toys stashed under her pillow! More days than not, though, she would fall asleep eventually. Until about 6 months ago . . . . She began playing more (although she wasn’t supposed to) and sleeping less. It was a HUGE battle of will every day. So, we began to “let” her play, in her room and call it “quiet play time.” It was a lot less stressful for everyone that way and she didn’t necessarily feel like she had “won.” Mommy still got a break and Faith did too. She would fall asleep fairly often, too, and we would make it a big game. (“Did you fall asleep during your quiet play time? That’s so silly!”) More recently, though, she’s been on a napless stretch. She would not fall asleep no matter how tired. I’ve been trying not to let it bother me, but we just put her to bed earlier at night. This week, though, she’s been digging her winter pjs (fleece with feet) out of her drawer, putting them on over her clothes, and falling asleep! This is August, people!! It makes me sweat just to think about it!! Anyway, the girl never ceases to crack me up. I’ve got plenty of funny pics for this post, too.

This day Faith emptied every single one of her drawers and piled all the clothes next to the chest. It’s funny now, but that day I was pretty ticked.

Here she had pulled her toddler bed (it was lightweight plastic material) into the middle of the room and fell asleep amidst the toys, with only some pajama shorts on and her arms behind her back.

This was a few days ago, with pretty much every toy in her room piled onto the new “big girl bed/mattress.”

The very next day, she fell asleep in the floor. I actually hit her with the door when I opened it!

Today she told me, “I’m going to put my pajamas on and sleep during my quiet play time.” You go for it, little girl, you go for it!!