Things are finally moving forward! Yippee!! I’ll catch you up on the story, then you’ll understand my excitement. When we were about to apply for Haven’s passport about a month and half ago, we discovered that her birth certificate had a mistake on it. Who knew that that would be such a problem? They had to send us an affidavit, which we had to fill out and sign and then send back. The whole process took about 6 weeks. The new birth certificate finally arrived yesterday, so now we can finally apply for her passport! Everything else is in place, so we’re ready to go as soon as we get that lovely passport in hand. Please pray with us for a speedy process.
In other news, our baby is about to turn 1! I can not believe it’s already been one year. Time goes so quickly, it’s a little scary at times! So here’s the 4-1-1 on Haven:
Haven can stand alone and take a few steps. She’s not walking fully, but will be soon. She’s eating all table food since she now has 10 teeth. Her most recent “breakthroughs” have been her 2 top molars. She knows the baby sign for “more” although she doesn’t always use it. She can say a few words, “Mama,” “Dada,” “Boo,” “Nana,” (banana) and likes to shake and nod her head. She loves to wave at people and if you wave back, she cracks up. She’s a cuddle bug and always laughs after she sneezes.
We already had 2 parties for her: one with my family and a joint one with Tim’s family since his niece is only 2 days older than Haven. Here are some pictures from the parties.

  • What a cute birthday princess!

  • Thanks! I think so, even though I’m biased.

  • She is getting crazy big! And I can’t believe all the words. Wow. It makes me excited for you guys, but totally sad that Haven’s birth certificate came back. 🙂 Oh well, we still love you guys.