We have been all over the place this Christmas season! My head is still spinning from it all. We started out driving from NC to SC, where my parents live. We were there for 5 days with crazy weather–one day it was 70 and the next day it was 30! We had a good time and ate way too much! The grandparents really enjoyed their time with the girls and the girls enjoyed the time, too.

Then, we drove from SC to KY on Christmas Eve. The girls did really well for that trip (thanks to everyone for the new Veggie Tales that kept us entertained on the ride!). We stayed there for a few days with Tim’s family and had another great Christmas with them.

Next, we drove from KY to KC. The trip was quite a bit longer (like 12 hours with stops!) and the girls struggled a bit more, but we all made it in one piece! We’re now here, enjoying our stay at the “Hotel Harrigan” for the next few weeks. We’re really glad to be here and can’t wait to visit with all our friends.

Finally, the girls and I will fly back to NC in a few weeks. Tim will drive the car back and stop along the way to visit his family again.

I did get a new camera for Christmas (yippee!!), but I don’t have any new pictures to put up yet. It’s been a little crazy busy. My camera was the 1st digital camera we ever bought, back in 2002, so it was a bit outdated! 🙂