Spring is in the air and everything seems to be blooming . . . including our girls! Here are some of the latest and greatest pics of them both. Enjoy!

Haven, looking “sweet”

Moving into a new place in the winter is fun, because you never know what’s going to suddenly bloom in the yard. This gorgeous bush made it’s appearance this week, so we had to get our beautiful eldest to stand in front of it.

Daddy and his girls, 2 cheesin’ it and 1 enduring it!

Faith likes to copy Mommy, so here she is with her “baby” in a sling. (Only, she thinks the best part is when the doll falls out into the floor!)

Haven has turned on the smiles and we are loving it! When she’s fed and fully rested, she will coo and goo and smile like this. It’s great fun, but only lasts a little while (and then she’s hungry or tired again!)

Faith got some new play dough a few weeks ago and made this masterpiece. She’s a child genius!! (OK, so Daddy helped a little!)