We have been super busy around here. I don’t usually like to be constantly running everywhere, but this past few weeks, that’s what our lives have looked like. It’s sort of hard to do when you only have one vehicle, but we managed! 🙂

The girls are doing well. Faith is really into telling stories right now, usually of things that actually happened. She also LOVES to pretend the hall closet is a school bus and gets in there to go various places, i.e. the fair, the playground, the beach, and Benjamin’s house (watch out, Harrigan’s!). She’s decided to include us in on the fun and much time is spent talking us into getting “on the bus” with her! 🙂

Haven is growing quickly (literally–she gained almost 1 lb this week alone!). She’s been getting up on her hands and knees and rocking, so crawling is not too far. She’s also been sitting all by herself. It’s been wonderful because she really likes to do it and plays well while sitting. So, I can actually leave the room for a few minutes here and there without major meltdown! She’s eating a ton and loves turkey vegetable dinner (yuck!) and homemade pears.

Here are some pics.

Here’s Faith with a goat at a local petting zoo/farm. Notice her bangs in her eyes.

Modeling the bang-cutting that Mommy did. Don’t look too closely, though, it’s way crooked! (I need you , Meems!)

Happy sitting.

We went to a cowboy/cowgirl Wild West party yesterday and the girls got these spiffy hats for FREE! Aren’t they cute?! (Those are Daddy’s arms assisting Haven. She couldn’t quite keep her balance with the huge hat on AND trying to watch her big sis!)

Round ’em up, rawhide!

  • They are sooooooooo cute! I miss them and hopefully can see them soon! I think Evie and Haven have similar noses!!

    Love you guys, the woods

  • Okay, that’s adorable