How about those cheeks? This is Haven’s fun summer hat. I think it’s adorable–she doesn’t agree. She always cries when I put it on!

Daddy and his clones–oops, I mean his girls.

Most of you, if you’ve been around Faith, know that she is obsessed with her belly button. She constantly has her shirt/dress up, with her finger digging in her belly button! Well, the other day, she figured out how to unzip Haven’s p.j.s and play with HER belly button! I asked why she was doing that and she said, “because I like to.” Hahaha!

This is the ONLY decent pic I have of me with my girls. We had to take about 20 (not a random number–it was very close to that!) pictures to get one where I had my eyes open, Faith was looking at the camera, and Haven wasn’t screaming!

My girls. FYI, Faith was being very gentle with Haven. Haven was just ready for her nap and very tired of the long photo shoot (see caption above).

  • We love the name we’ve picked out too! How fun that Faith was going to be Bennett (if she had been a boy)!

    The pictures are adorable! And I love Haven’s hat! 🙂