Oh yeah, so we still have no internet at home. Thankfully, this is the only process that has been incredibly slow. Everything we have done has gone so smoothly, even renewing our visas. We’ve been waiting on the owner to bring us her previous phone bill, but we think maybe she lost it. So, we have to wait for the next phone bill before we can even apply (sigh)!

Everything is going well. We’re getting a little routine going with Tim doing some language study, and me doing homeschool with Faith. She loves it and thinks it’s all just a big game, which works out well. Haven doesn’t appreciate it, though. I hadn’t realized how much they play “together” during the day. Haven just refuses to play on her own while Faith is doing school, she wants to be up in the middle of everything!

Finally, we have a few pics. I need to get the apartment really clean before I do the video tour, though, so that will have to wait until next time.