I finally got the dial-up to work in our flat, so we do have internet at home now! However, it is very slow and won’t upload any pictures. So, you’ll have to wait until we get high speed for that!

We’ve been pretty busy here. After being here for 6 weeks (can you believe it?), I can totally see how huge monuments were buried in the sand for long periods of time. Sand is everywhere here and in everything. I am fighting a losing battle to keep it out of our flat! Even if we kept all the windows closed all the time (which we would not do, since we get a great breeze through them), we’d still have sand find it’s way indoors! So, I have to do a lot of cleaning. I’m also doing a lot of laundry. All the sand keeps my girls pretty dirty. I don’t want to complain, just want to paint an accurate picture of what keeps me so busy!

We’ve also been doing homeschool with Faith, which has gone really well. She loves to learn and thinks it’s all a big game. She really wants to write her letters and spends time when she’s not in school writing the letters she knows on “pictures” for me and Daddy. Faith is getting much better with talking to people. We went down to the grocery a few days ago and she used all the Arabic she knew to talk to the check out lady. I was so proud of her! We are praying for some friends for her, too.

Haven is doing well. She’s saying more and more every day. Last week, I made a list of all the words she knows and it was somewhere around 30, but she’s added a bunch more this week! She is in love with baby dolls right now and spends much of her day carrying one under her arm. She hugs them, kisses them, rolls all over them–it’s so cute! She also loves to walk and hold your hand. She’s starting to imitate her sister in lots of ways.

We’ve been getting out a little and discovering fun places and things to do. We found a park close to our house that’s awesome! It’s the best park in the city, very green and lush, with a great playground. We’ve already spent 2 different weekend days there and love it.

As we were driving the other day, we looked out the window and saw . . . the Pyramids! It’s so surreal to be driving along, through the congested city streets, and then, between 2 high-rises see the Pyramids poking their heads out. It’s so strange and I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it. We’re planning on going soon to see them. We’re also in the planning stages of a trip on the Nile on a felucca (sail boat) with some locals. We’re really excited about that! Another discovery was a yummy food place that T brought home one night for us. The menu was all in Arabic and they didn’t speak English, so he really has no idea what he ordered! 🙂 All I know is that I had a spicy eggplant sandwich that was so yummy! And cheap–it only cost 20 cents! Yeah!

Hopefully by the next post, we’ll have pictures.

  • yeah! hope you had a wonderful mother’s day yesterday, as I know you are fantastic at what you do day in and day out. Love you friend!