Faith is finally to the age where she has actual friends. These are kids she enjoys playing with and talks about at home all the time. And now we’re moving away! Faith will miss her friends and though she’ll make new ones along the way, there’s alway something special about her first friends. I just had to share these cute pics of her friends.

The tree again

With Clifford

These 2 are scarily like twins. They’re a few weeks apart in age and seem to have pretty similar personalities. They have a lot of fun together.

Here Faith is showing Elyse her favorite “perch.” It’s trash day and they’re watching for the trash truck (exciting, huh?). 🙂

I must say that today I’m feeling a little more reflective and a little less head-spinning. I am really blessed to have the great friends I’ve made here in KC, too. You all are so precious to me and have helped me through so much craziness since we’ve been here. What an intense season and what an awesome group of women who have laughed, cried, and prayed with me through it all. Thanks, ladies. Some favorite memories are:

  • talking for long stretches on the phone to Sarah
  • coffee nights with Sarah
  • sliding in the snow and ice with (the recently hyphenated) Mary-Grace after taking the kids to the Crown Center
  • the baseball game-turned-coffee night with MG
  • the princess castle cake fiasco with Lydia
  • weekly dinner night at the Harrigans (that never ends in a game night!!)
  • a very precious home group that felt like home

I love you and will miss you all so very much. We’ll see you next Fall, though!

  • TOO much fun was had by all . . . I put a very similiar post, you’ll have to read it. 🙂