Faith is developing quite the sense of humor. She’s really said some funny things lately. Here’s a sample:

1. When asked if she wanted to hold Daddy’s hand: “No, I don’t hold hands on Friday. Faith only holds hands on Mondays.” (the best part is, it was really Friday when she said this. and yes, she refers to herself in 3rd person a lot)

2. Faith was praying for her lunch before I got to the table and I told her to wait so we could pray together. She asked why we have to pray together and I said that it promotes unity. To which she replied, “Well, Faith doesn’t like unity.”

3. Anytime she’s asked to do something and she’s trying to talk her way out of it, she starts her statement with, “Well . . . ” (and she really draws it out). (This one might be funnier to hear!)

  • We had a friend whose daughter referred to herself in the third person for about a year. It was hilarious! She finally stopped doing it a few months ago.

    The pictures are wonderful! Keep ’em coming!