We finally made it to our new country! We’ve had a slow internet connection, so I haven’t been able to post. It was an interesting journey, but we’re so happy to be here. Here’s the short story of what’s happened and what we’re up to.

Our first flight out of TN was delayed for the amount of time we had our layover in NY, so, needless to say, we missed our international flight. We spent 11 hours total that day in airports and the Lord gave us lots of grace. The airline said that because it was a weather delay, they would not give us vouchers for meals or a hotel. However, when they saw the state our children were in by 7 pm with no naps and no food, they relented! Again, the Lord’s grace. So, we stayed a night in NY and headed to the airport pretty early the next day. We waited quite a while and had lots of drama along the way, but made our flight Thursday night. The flight was a bit rough on us, but the Lord really carried us through. It was an overnight flight, but the girls slept very little. We made it finally, though, and only lost 1 suitcase. (It turns out that a tourist thought it was his and grabbed it on accident. We had it back by that evening!)

All of us have really handled jet lag pretty well. Haven has had the hardest time, but she’s doing better now. We’ve been really blessed to have been connected (through IHOP) to some believers here who have been wonderful to us. We’ve been staying with a family outside of the city in their very nice, very spacious home. This has been great because we’ve really been immersed in the language and the food. (They all speak great English, but they’ve been teaching us a lot of Arabic, too.) Pray for us, that we’ll pick up the language quickly. Also, pray for our girls to really love the food. It’s not too strange, but they’ve not been eating too well.

On Sunday, Tim went into the city to look for an apartment. (The girls were sick, so we stayed here. He narrowed the choices down for us.) He found a jewel that the Lord completely set aside for us! Monday we all went to check it out and fell in love. We signed the contract while we were there. They have some work to do to it and have said it will take maybe 2 weeks to fix. I’m praying that it will go quicker! We’re anxious to be settled in and get into a rhythm of life. (How long have I been waiting for that?!) 🙂 We’ll probably go again on Sunday to check on the progress. I’ll try to post pictures sometime soon. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with a very large terrace. The locals who have seen it actually have said it’s really unusual to have such a large terrace. It will be a great space on which the girls can play.

I have a fun video for you whenever we get a better internet connection. I know you’ll be on the edge of your seats until I post it! 🙂

(By the way, I have purposefully kept our specific location vague. If you know where we are, please don’t say anything in the comments section. Thanks!)

  • I can’t wait to hear more from your new corner of the world!

  • NO way, no way, no way!!!! I can’t believe life for the miller family. you all are amazing, flights, houses, food, language, everything. I am jealous- you are my traveling hero!!
    I miss you dearly, but am with you in spirit!

  • Praise the Lord, Millers! The Harri’s are praying for you and are on the edge of our seats to see how the Lord will use you in the months and years to come. We love you!

    So glad you have a blog – this will be a great way to stay in touch!