OK, so tomorrow is Daddy’s (Tim’s) birthday. He’s hangin’ in there with the twentysomethings at the big 2-9. We don’t get to celebrate exactly like we want, but we (Faith and I) wanted to say how much we love and appreciate him! I can’t imagine a better Daddy and husband. He even reads the Anabelle Mae dollhouse book to Faith (which is very girly) without gagging! We are very thankful for Daddy/hubby!

On another note, we had Fall pictures made of Faith and a few family shots. They are amazing and we so appreciate our friend, Steve Offutt, for doing a fabulous job! (And here’s the plug for Steve: He and his wife are on IHOP staff as well and do photography as a side job, so if you need pics done, call him up! He’s great!) So, if you want to see the pics, here’s the website: www.stevenmichaelphoto.com/gallery/faith.

Here’s a few of Faith at Christmas.

“Are all these presents for me? This is my princess dress Meems made for me.”

“Aunt Hallie painted my fingernails for me. I love Aunt Hallie!!”

“I’m playing ’10 in the bed’ with Meems and Aunt Hallie. We gather all the babies, sing the song and toss them out one-by-one. My favorite part is when the big people fall out!”

“I’m cheesin’ it for Uncle Jay.” Why is it that she won’t smile for pics that Mommy takes, but will for Uncle Jay? He must have the magic touch!

  • Yay, fun pictures of Faith! I’m glad there were a few shots of you with the big belly! You look great! I updated the link on our blog to your new one.