Tonight, I have a very heavy heart for an old friend of mine. Krystal was a good friend to me when I was the new kid, in a new school, in a new town my senior year of high school. It was a tight-knit community that really wasn’t very friendly to outsiders. I was very lonely. Krystal was there for me, though. We had a lot of classes together and she really made me laugh. I’ve always appreciated her for trying so hard to make me feel welcome when most people did not.

Fast forward 13 years (wow–how fast time goes!) and now Krystal has a growing family (as do we). She has two precious kiddos, and two more that she is in the process of adopting from Guatemala. She has had lots of heartache with court dates and waiting. However, she’s now facing her biggest heartache with these boys. The place they were staying was recently raided and the boys taken somewhere else. She has no idea where they are or if they are together. You can read the story in her words here: Please, please say a prayer for Krystal and her two precious boys. Pray that they will be found and be able to come home to her soon.