It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but we’ve been out of town for the past 2 weeks. We found out on the 3rd that Tim’s grandma passed away, so we loaded up the car and headed back to Indiana. We were planning vacation that way later in the summer, so we just combined trips and went to see friends and family all over the Indiana/Kentucky area. It was a good trip, but totally exhausting. So much so that all 4 of us are presently sick! We really enjoyed all our time with family and friends, though. Here are some pics of our adventures.

Tim and his sister, Hollie, with all their kids (from left to right, Miller, Evie, Haven, and Faith).

Haven, with cousin Evie. Evie is only 2 days older than Haven and although Haven is a chunk in her own right, cousin Evie is even chunkier! I just wanted to chew on all those rolls the whole time! 🙂

Faith with Grandma Miller

Aunt Hallie (my sister) with her neices.

Faith is showing off her “big girl panties.” This was taken before our trip. I’m so proud of her because she had very few accidents despite many hours in the car, unfamiliar potties, etc.!

We got together with Tim’s sister Hollie and some other good friends, the Woods, one night. We had to take a pic because we had 6 kids under the age of 2 1/2! (from left to right, Haven, Faith, Miller, Evie, Ephraim, and Xavier)

Happy Father’s Day, Tim! This was taken after we got back, as well. We love you, Daddy!!

  • i love all the pics! i wish we could have been there!!!!!!!!! faith is already potty trained? wow! any tips? isaiah has NO interest and we want him out of diapers before number 3 comes!
    we miss you all! love you!

  • Your family is just too adorable! I hope that you are all feeling back to 100% soon. How exciting that Faith is already potty trained – way to go sweet girl! Our Brayden is about the same age, and he is ***not*** interested in the potty!