We finally did it. The house was emptied and cleaned, goodbyes were said, and the car was stuffed (not packed–stuffed!). The time to hit the road finally came. What a whirlwind! We traveled from KC to Indiana to help Tim’s mom pack up her apartment and move to KY. Somewhere between KC and IN, we happened upon a lovely stomach bug. It first hit Faith on Thursday night. She started to feel better by midday on Saturday, which is when it hit Haven. By Monday, Mommy was down. Thank the Lord that now we are all on the mend. I knew Faith was all better because for breakfast this morning she ate a large bowl of oatmeal, a piece of toast, a bowl of cereal, and 1/2 a piece of zucchini bread!

So, anyway, we are officially homeless, but we are also excited to see what the Lord has in store for coming days. Besides some storage containers we left in KC, we fit all of our belongings into our 4-door Saturn (plus roof box–thanks Macchis!). That may sound exciting to some, amazing to others, and stupid to others. What it really is, though, is annoying! I can’t find anything! Everyone seems to have enough clothes, except me. I know I packed my clothes, but, where?! It’s actually all pretty funny.

Praise the Lord we’re here in KY with friends and family and that we’re all on the mend. Praise the Lord that the family we’re staying with has not contracted the stomach bug!

Sorry, no pics this time. You wouldn’t want to see pics of what we’ve looked like the past few days anyway!

  • So glad y’all are feeling better now! Miss you tons!!

  • wish we were there to see you guys!!!!!missing you!

  • Glad to hear from you all friends! I’m calling tomorrow to get me a miller fix. . . . 🙂 miss ya’ll tons. Sun night just wasn’t right.