I was on a blogging roll there for a while and then fell off the wagon!  Oh well, here we go again . . . .

Life has been going well, we’ve just been a bit busy.  Pa has been teaching and his traveling schedule is just kicking into high gear!  Thankfully, the church leaders are being kind and have him quite busy the next few months and then not much traveling for April and May (since baby is due in May).  We’re happy to serve, but please keep us in your prayers.  We sorely miss Pa when he’s gone!  It’s quite tiring for him as well, so we’d really appreciate it if you remembered us.

Happy news is that we “found” someone to help out around the house.  I know this sounds so cushy–like I am such a bum for hiring someone to do my job for me!  However, in this world, having a  helper is wonderful and really is, well, helpful!  For instance, in the US I used to sweep/mop once a week (in desperate times, I would do twice a week).  Here, though, houses are not so air tight and with the weather nice, we keep the windows open all the time.  This amounts to needing to sweep and mop every other day, with the kitchen needing it every day!  Laundry is another problem.  Although I am very blessed to have an actual washing machine, everything still needs to be hung out to dry.  And, in the US there were many things (especially jeans) that could be worn multiple times before washing.  Not so here.  All Pa has to do is go and ride the bus to get a clean pair of jeans completely filthy!  So, what I’m trying to say, is that it’s a LOT of work just to live and survive here.  Not to mention cooking everything from scratch, homeschooling 2 kiddos, keeping up with the 3rd, etc.  It’s enough to keep me exhausted!

Anyway, the story behind us “finding” this lady:  Pa and I have talked on and off for 3 months about whether to hire someone or not.  Can we afford it?  How do we find someone?  So, one night, I was feeling pretty stretched and we sat down and prayed about it.  The VERY next day, we were out in town as a family.  We got off a bus and were looking around for a taxi to take us where we wanted to go.  As we wandered, this very nice K lady came up to us and introduced herself.  She has worked for Americans for 8 years and they are leaving the country, so she is now unemployed.  She saw that we had a family and wondered if we needed help.  We were pretty amazed and told her we had just been praying for this very thing.   The look on her face was priceless.  She’s a strong believer and was actually in the midst of a fast and praying for employment.  Obviously God crossed our path with this woman’s.  I love, love, love the way the Lord works.

Anyway, she came today for an “interview” and really just stayed all day and scrubbed our entire house.  I almost cried.  The house is cleaner than it has been since we’ve lived here, I homeschooled my girls, spent some extra time with them, cooked dinner, and was just super thankful to have another woman in the house who loves the Lord.  As she left today, she promised my girls to play with them tomorrow.  They are so excited!! 

I’m so thankful to the Lord for putting us together with this lady.  I pray that we can be as much a blessing to her as she obviously will be to us.


  • whooohoooooo!!!!! i am so excited I’m crying!!! and don’t feel like you have to justify. seriously. one of the best ways to minister in another country. amen and amen!!!

  • That is FANTASTIC!!!!