2 Saturdays ago, our fridge died. It actually probably went out on Friday, but we waited a day to see if it would kick back on. Because our flat is fully furnished, the fridge belongs to the landlord, so we had to call to check to see what to do about it. It took all of Sunday to get in touch with him, and then he wanted to call a repairman. So, the repairman said he would come on Monday. Monday afternoon he came and looked at the fridge about 2 whole minutes and said he’d be back the next day with the part we needed. Tuesday, another repairman came. I was home with the girls by myself and didn’t know he was the repairman, though. I had to call Tim on the phone, who had to get a friend to help him translate what was going on. This repairman also looked at the fridge for about 2 minutes, and said that it was too expensive to fix. He said the last person to fix it (not the guy on Monday, but someone before that) took a shortcut and really messed up everything! So, it was finally decided on Tuesday that we needed a new fridge (when we could have gotten one Sunday)! Tim went that day to an appliance store down the street from us and bought us a new refrigerator. Unfortunately, this store is only a “showroom” type place and they don’t actually stock any refrigerators. The salesman assured Tim it would be delivered in 2-3 days. On Saturday, Tim called to see what time they might bring it only to be informed that it would not be until Monday. It is now Monday, at 3 in the afternoon and we still have no fridge.

This whole process, although frustrating, has been pretty humorous. This is definitely a “cultural learning” opportunity where it pays to be humble and gracious. Thank you, Lord for these opportunities of growth! It’s also been an eye-opener to how dependent we are on electricity/refrigeration. I’ve had to be creative in what we’ve been eating. I can thankfully just run down to the grocery downstairs for cold items, but what I buy must either be eaten completely for that meal, or not spoil sitting out. It’s another cultural learning experience to see how women do it when they can’t afford a fridge/electricity. You only buy what you will consume for that meal/day. It’s been really interesting. Again, thank you, Lord, for these learning opportunities!

  • A learning opportunity indeed! Our electricity went out for two hours on Sunday morning… that was hard enough! 🙂

    And thanks for the words of hope on my veggie blog. It definitely gives me hope that maybe one day my children will wake up to the goodness of veggies!!!!

  • wow! talk about learning- i’m not sure what we would do, except figure it out as it happens! i love the updates, keep them coming!!