I don’t have a lot of brain energy to write tonight, but here are a few little snippets that are interesting/funny:

  • I saw a group of construction workers this week posing for a picture in front of a road they had just completed. 🙂
  • I learned that pretty much anything can be delivered to your door. Hungry? Just order in–pretty much any food joint will deliver, including McDonald’s. Want some groceries? The store will bring whatever you need. Out of diapers? The pharmacy will bring those. I’ve heard that even if you need blood drawn, the pharmacy will send someone to collect it and take it back to the pharmacy for you!
  • Haven can say “ball” and “dog,” and can do the signs for “please” and “all done.” She also blows kisses and hides her eyes for peek-a-boo. She’s trying to run instead of walking, too!
  • Faith may deny it, but she’s already picking up some Arabic. She told Haven “no” and asked her “what is it?” in Arabic. She also can say how old she is. On another note, she’s saying very cute, very adult things like, “for real” and “sure.” We had some time on our hands today in a mall and I asked if she wanted to walk around or sit down somewhere and she replied, “Let’s sit down and talk.” Too funny!
  • I like pretty much every local food we’ve been given (except okra, but I didn’t like that in the US either).
  • Prices for things are very comparable to the US. The other day I bought diapers, a loaf of bread, bananas, and a notebook for about $16 US dollars. One thing that’s different is how cheap fresh fruits and veggies are here! Especially the locally grown stuff. 1 kilo of bananas (about 2 lbs) cost less than 50 cents USD. 1 kilo of strawberries cost about $1 USD. I’m excited about that! 🙂
  • That’s awesome! Rich Stevenson and I were talking today about the budget that we are giving to the AMS students tomorrow at a meeting. One of the questions was food costs- based on what you said we have more than enough in the budget! That’s awesome- and I can’t wait to hear how well Faith speaks arabic. It will be amazing how quick she picks it up. I love, love, love the updates!! keep them comin-

    love you-

  • p.s. you have to look at my blog and see what happened today!