My heart is feeling so full right now as I sit and think about the wonderful things that have happened in our home in the last week, since “Bebe” (grandma) came to work for us.  I cannot even express it all very well, but definitely want to try.

In obvious ways she is a massive blessing to us.  The laundry is taken care of, dishes are washed, floors and bathrooms are scrubbed and beautifully shiny.  She comes every day, ready to get to work and does what needs to be done without having to be asked.  I don’t have to stress over finding things for her to do.  She just does what’s necessary. 

While all of this is great, there’s even more.  This lady loves my girls and already they love, love, love her.  She talks with them, loves on them, plays with them, and not just in a “I’m easy to love because I’m a push over” kind of way.  She gives boundaries and calls them out, which I LOVE. 

Again, while all of this is great, there’s still something more.  Bebe, you see, is a woman of God.  She really loves the Lord.  For real.  I’ve seen this over and over as she has joined our prayer meetings every morning.  She is also a woman of prayer.  This woman loves to worship and she loves to talk to her Maker.  I am so blessed to get to witness it. 

I was particularly moved the other day, as we as a family were praying for a Mus. people group that is nearly 100% unreached.  Often, I can feel discouraged, as we have prayed for this group for over 12 years now and not seen much change in the state of their home country (not the country in which we live).  I don’t often hear of others who pray for them.  They are a “tough” people.  As we began to pray for them the other day, though, Bebe began to weep.  Her heart was stirred (and so was mine) as she poured out her heart to her Father in the heavens, petitioning Him to save souls.  Oh how beautiful it was.  After our prayer meeting, she informed us that her church actually prays often for this group.  She went on to tell of a testimony of one who became a brother in the Lord.  My heart rejoiced for multiple reasons.

 I was so blessed.  I am so blessed.  I pray that I may be a blessing to our dear Bebe as well.


  • You all are, I am sure. 🙂

    A blessing that is. Love you friend!

  • Congratulations on having a BOY! I really enjoyed reading your family update and blog! I hope to follow along! I’m so blessed by your hearts’ continual posture of surrender and joy! Blessings to each of you! Love, Angela

  • I love this post about Bebe…I know how great it is to have help around the house. {We did when we lived in Haiti} But my heart got giddy thinking of such a solid believing and praying woman to be the one helping! What a true blessing! I’m so happy for you guys!