Hello all! We decided that it was high time we re-entered the blog world and since we couldn’t remember the password to the old site, we did the only sensible thing and started a new one! So, here it is. Hopefully we will be able to keep up with this one a little better than the last site. The title “Miller Meanderings” should clue you in to the fact that this will be, like most blogs out there, completely random. There will be a sufficient number of cute pictures of Faith, though, to make it worth your while. So, let’s have a Faithie update:
Faith just turned 2 last week and we celebrated in high style with a cowgirl party at the barn. We had a hayride and chance to pet a horse for all the kiddos, as well as the best birthday cake ever (Here’s a plug for the cake maker–his name is Justin Perry and he’s an IHOPer and charges a very, very reasonable price for an extremely yummy and quite pretty cake!). Faith enjoyed talking about the party before and after, but was a bit overwhelmed with all the adults and kiddos who showed up! Also, we were gifted with a 2 year old attitude for the party and every day since! It was like the “terrible twos” were invited to the party (who invited them–not me!). So, we’ve had to really be the disciplinarians we hate to be with our little miss. Faith is talking non-stop and is getting a lot more clear (most of the time). Or, it might be that I’m getting better at understanding! (It’s a lot like learning another language, it takes a while, but eventually you begin to understand one word in a sentence, and then two words, and so on!) Her new favorite game is to pile as many toys as possible onto a small rug and say, “Everybody go for a ride!” So, anyway, here are some pictures of the princess:

“Pretty necklaces, pigtails, and a snotty nose–what else could a girl want for her 2nd birthday?”

“Mommy couldn’t resist a blast-from-the-past-tear-jerker pic. This is me on day 2.”

“Here is a pic from my party. Can you see my pink cowgirl boots? I love them!”

“This is me on my actual birthday (my party was 2 days later). Mommy made me a heart shaped brownie with icing. It was yummy!”

That’s all from us. Come back and see us soon at our new site!