In 2008, the Holy Spirit spoke to our family that we are called to itinerate as nomads, and that we are on a “three-year-plan.” We understood that to mean that every three years, we needed to brace ourselves for a transition. Looking back on 11 years of marriage, we have been amazed at how true this pattern has marked our sojourn in the Lord. Usually, toward the Fall of the third year, a whirlwind of events starts to take place, and we find ourselves suddenly planted in a different part of the world. In 2008, we sensed that sometime in late 2011, we might be back in Africa.

From October 2010-March 2011, we lived in downtown Minneapolis with some dear friends of ours in a community house. During that season, we gave ourselves to prayer, growing in love in context to community, and sharing the gospel in the neighborhood. Around January of this year, the Lord began putting Africa on our hearts again in a strong way (Kenya/Uganda particularly). We sensed that sometime in the Fall or early next year, He was going to open the door for us to return to Africa, and that we would base out of Kenya. Shortly thereafter, we also began to sense that before going overseas He wanted us to move to Duluth, about 2.5 hours north of Minneapolis. We didn’t know all of the details as to why God wanted us to move to Duluth, but we felt in our hearts that He was somehow going to use a short season in Duluth as a launching pad for getting us back to Africa.

Across the street from our house here in Duluth is a large church. When we first arrived, I had heard that a man from Kenya, Joshua, used to be the pastor of the church, but that he was now focusing his attention on church planting/training/missions work in Kenya as well as neighboring nations. Two or three weeks after we moved to Duluth, I (Pa) got on my bike and rode over to the church. Sitting behind the church was a man who looked Kenyan, so I went up to him and greeted him in Swahili. He responded with excitement, and we ended up talking for a while and praying together. We felt an immediate connection in the Holy Spirit.

Then, just a few weeks ago, our family made a trip to Kansas City, and while there, He put it on someone’s heart to bless us financially. We (and the person who blessed us) felt that this was the Lord’s green light to begin moving forward on logistics for Kenya. As we prayed, we felt like the Lord wanted us to be in Kenya in October. When we got back to Duluth, I met again with Joshua, who was excited to hear about God’s leading and eager for us to connect with his people in Kenya. The Lord also put me in touch with another very strategic Kenya connection while visiting Minneapolis a week ago.

All of this to say: the Lord seems to be opening the door for us to serve Him in sub-Saharan Africa. We are planning on heading over in October and feel Him leading us to base in Kenya, and from there to travel and serve as He gives us various assignments. The sense we have is that God is on the move to mobilize and train a significant missions force from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia for the purpose of reaping a harvest among unreached people groups. I believe that the next 10 years are absolutely critical for this. Our heart is to serve God’s purposes in these areas. As we serve alongside Joshua and others the Lord connects us to, most of our attention and time will be given to prayer, relationship building, training, and outreach.

We covet your prayers as we prepare for this journey. If you have questions or would like to know more, feel free to email us or leave a comment here.

Pa (& Ma)