I heard somewhere that when you live overseas, especially in a 2nd or 3rd world country, and get together with other people who have lived in similar situations, about 70% of your conversation focuses on bodily excrement. This is also true if you were a part of our Thursday night small group in Kansas City, but I digress. Anyway, I’ve gotten used to this free way of speaking, so, yes, this post is about poop. If you are faint-hearted or are otherwise grossed out by this kind of talk, by all means, please leave now! 🙂

Tonight, Faith was going to the bathroom. She had been hit by the stomach bug that we all have fought with this week, so it was not pretty. Haven was in there with her, well, because Haven follows Faith around a lot. I was in the other room, with my back to the bathroom. I happened to look in the mirror to see Faith quickly hopping off the potty and reaching down into it. I quickly sputtered, “What are you doing?!” before seeing what she pulled out of the potty. Evidently, Haven had picked up our new box of toothpaste and had dropped it into the poopy potty water behind Faith. Faith fished it out, getting poopy potty water all over the floor, bath mat, her feet, and Haven’s feet. Tim and both sort of froze for a second or two, not sure how to proceed. Then, Mommy took charge of the situation! I told Faith to get back up on the potty and finish her business (and drop the nasty box of toothpaste, for pete’s sake!). I grabbed Haven up before she picked up the recently dropped box of toothpaste, stuck her in the sink and scrubbed her legs, feet, arms, hands, and face (for good measure). Then, I put her outside the bathroom and shut and locked her out (which made her wail). I cleaned up the rest of the mess while Faith finished up. Then, I stuck her in the sink and scrubbed her down. After we got the kids in bed (yes, this was all at bedtime!), I went back in and disinfected the whole bathroom! Gross, gross, gross!!

  • that’s hilarious! and totally appropriate. . . at least compared for the talk around our house!

  • I stopped in to catch up with what’s going on with the Millers, and what do I get? Not quite what I expected, but I loved the post nonetheless. Thanks for “keepin’ it real”. We’ll have to catch up (and maybe talk about something other than poop…)

    Hello from the Tovars!


  • It’s so good to know that life is the same no matter what country you might be living in. Kids are the best!!!