OK, I am so not ready for this new phase in Faith’s life. Story:

A few weeks ago, I innocently asked Faith who was in her class at church. This has become semi-ritual, because she always tells me about her 2 girlfriends, Elyse and Hadessah. So, I was not expecting the very girly voice giggle and answer, “Michael.” I don’t know anyone named Michael, so I asked, “Is Michael a teacher or a little boy?” To which she replied, “A little boy. I sat next to Michael.” At this point she has a sheepish grin on her face. My jaw is on the floor (I’m also laughing on the inside!). Then she says, “Michael is my favorite friend.” You better believe Mommy was checking every little boy’s nametag the next week to find the culprit who stole my daughter’s heart!! I haven’t been able to locate him yet, but when I do, we’ll have a long talk about Faith’s future as a nun!

(Please know that I realize this doesn’t really mean anything, but I still think it’s funny. I’m totally not ready to deal with this when it does come, though!!)

  • Too cute! Hopefully Marshall will think girls are icky for a long, long time. 🙂