Three posts on one evening may be a bit much, but here we go anyway.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of getting settled and set up in our new home.  Many repairs were done before we moved in, but some were done afterwards, so the entire first week, we were without a flushing toilet, working sink upstairs, or a hot shower.  The toilets were finally fixed and the sink upstairs running, but, oh what a time we have had with getting a hot shower!  Houses in K are not set up for hot water at all.  Pretty much the only way to have a hot shower is to have an attachment put on the actual shower head that heats the water as it comes out.  Ours was having several different problems, and finally all were solved!  We are so, so thankful!!

It’s always interesting to me in another country, discovering all the things that are cheaper than in the US and all the things that are more expensive.  For example, we can get great big, ripe avocados for $.25 each!  Milk and eggs are pretty comparable to the US, while things like maple syrup, cereal, and ketchup are outrageous!  So, basically, you have to discover an entire new set of recipes that will work when you go overseas.  It’s always a stress to me to do this, but, praise the Lord, it has been so much easier this time.  I’m actually trying to do monthly meal planning and already have enough meals to fill an entire month!  Yay!

The girls are all doing really well.  We’re settling into a routine, with prayer room, homeschool, chores, naps, playtime, dinner, family devos, and bed.  “Mary” is still really loving schol time, even though it’s not as one-on-one as we’ve switched to doing school with her sisters.  “Laura” has started some (really, really informal) school as well, and has already picked up a lot!  I even catch Mary teaching Laura when I’m out of the room sometimes!  Baby Carrie is definitely a challenge during school time, but as soon as she starts to get bored/into stuff, I pull out snack and that seems to help. 

Pa and I are also doing well.  Pa has been working hard to get the house settled and take care of all the things he needs to so that he, too, can get into a good routine.  I’ve been so thankful for his hard work and focus to get things done!  He’s taught several times at a small church plant that we’ve been attending and in a few weeks he will be speaking over the weekend at a youth camp.  Your prayers would definitely be appreciated. 

I’m doing well and have hit the second trimester of this pregnancy.  I am very anxious to find out if we are having another girl or a boy this time, but the wait is not much longer.  I’ll be able to have an ultrasound done soon at a local hospital.  I would love your prayers as I continue to seek the Lord on birth options.  There are several very good hospitals here, but most of you know how I feel about birthing in a hospital, so we’ll have to see . . . .

Thanks for your prayers!

  • amen and amen! we are definitely praying here. . . 🙂

    love you!