I’ve mentioned before what a great imagination Faith has. Today’s “adventure” cracked me up and I had to share. A few weeks ago, we traveled to Kentucky to visit family for Christmas. Today, Faith ran up to me, all excited and said, “I’m getting on an airplane to go to Pretend-tucky!” I laughed quite a bit about that. Then, later on, she was asking where Daddy is right now (he’s in Kentucky) and she asked, “Is he in Real-tucky?”

We’ve really enjoyed our time here in KC and will be sad to leave on Tuesday. The hotel Harrigan has been more than gracious to host us for such a long time. You know they are earning jewels in their crowns for their love and patience with us! We are so blessed to be in “fellowship” with them and look forward to where our adventures will carry us separately and together (’cause you know you can’t get rid of us that easily!). The Lord is so, so good to us to put us in the same boat with such fine folks.

We’re headed back to NC on Tuesday and are in a season of waiting. We are truly excited, though, about what this next season holds for us. Please keep us in your prayers for direction and clarity from the Lord.

I would upload some pictures for you of our time at a play area today, but my camera cord is in “Real-tucky.”