One thing we love about this culture is how much they love children. Everywhere we go, people are waving at, talking to, touching, etc. our girls. The most fun experience happened a few days ago when we went to a prayer conference for the country. We sat down to have a picnic lunch and were instantly swarmed with people. They wanted to talk to the girls and really wanted to hold Haven. She went along with it well and let people pass her around for a while. One guy in particular loved on her and showed her off to all his friends. They even took their pictures with her! Faith did well with the attention for a while as well. She had people give her candy bars, offer to buy her chips, and beg her to be their friend. After a while Faith got tired of it and didn’t want to talk to anyone for a while! I don’t blame her!

Tim and I have adjusted fairly easily to this culture. We’ve visited this country before and have lived in several cross-cultural situations, so it was a smooth transition for us. I didn’t realize, though, that Faith would have a bit of culture shock. We’ve been dealing with some behaviors and finally are starting to link it to the transition. (Sometimes I’m a bit slow in realizing where negative behaviors are coming from!) She’s had a bit of regression in some areas and we’re just having to show a bit more TLC. Anyway, I mention it just to ask you all to pray for her. I think things will go a lot more smoothly once we get into our own place.

Speaking of our own place . . . we’ve been told that it will be done by the weekend. We’re so excited and ready to get everything unpacked! Yeah!

  • So happy you get to move this weekend!! We will definitely be praying for a smooth transition for Faith. And for little friends her age…that would probably help!
    I hope you post pictures of your new place…I’m very curious =)
    Love and miss you!!

  • yeah and yeah! i can’t believe it and still want to know how to call you. is your new e-mail working?? i can’t take it… you are over there having this amazing adventure and i don’t get to know anything. because of course, it is all about me. 🙂

    love, love, love to you my friends!


  • p.s. will totally be praying for the girls too. 🙂

  • We’ll put Faith on our prayer wall. Hadessah will be on it asap! 🙂 God bless you guys! We miss you!