And, because I know that you all are really desperate to see pictures of my girls and not just read stories about them, here they are:

Haven loves to sit on the legs of this shelf-thing. We’re trying to slowly take away the paci (shout out to Lydia, who reminded me it would be better sooner than later!).

Faith in her tutu. She loves this tutu and I bought it at Goodwill for 2.99! Don’t ask me why she’s holding up 2 bouncy balls.

Faith wrote this message all by herself one morning while we were still in bed. It’s not necessarily all in order, but we got her meaning! (In case you can’t decipher, it says, “I love you (or just u) Mommy and I love you Daddy.”) Sweet!
  • So sweet!

  • i love it! keep the pics flowing-


    p.s. no props to me on the paci! samuel is well past 2 and still has his!