I realize that this blog can’t really get much more random, from updates on the kids, to pictures of strange malt drinks, to “thanksgiving” lists, so I decided to throw in some prayer points, just for fun.  🙂

We have quite a few things we are praying through right now, but some of our biggest points that we want to share include some needs that we have.  We would love it if you would read through and pray for us for these things.  We know that our God is a big God and He will supply the things we need. 

1.  A vehicle–This is really our biggest need right now.  We thought at first that we could get by on public transport while in K-land.  However, taxi prices have basically doubled since we were here 6 years ago and buses are more and more difficult to maneuver with our little ones, especially the closer we get to welcoming baby #4.  For us to go to the grocery store, for example, which is only 5 or so miles from our house, it would cost us $10 round trip in a taxi.  It would only cost us $1 or $2 to ride the bus, but that includes a walk, crossing a highway, and crowding into 2 seats on a bus with us and our 3 kiddos.  An adventure, for sure, but not a sustainable way to travel!  Anyway, we are praying about getting a vehicle to move around the city in, and for Pa to take out-country as he goes to teach on weekends.  We have heard that we can find some small car for $4-5,000 USD.  We have also found a man who is selling a Land Cruiser for $8,000 USD.  The small car can work for us, but the Land Cruiser would be nice for trips out-country.  Please pray with us for this!

2.  Upcoming baby arrival costs–Having a baby in K-land is much, much cheaper than in the US, however, in the US I can qualify for free healthcare.  So, “cheaper” doesn’t really measure up to “free!”  From what we’ve heard, it will probably cost about $1,500-2,000 USD.  My greatest desire, however, is to bring my midwife friend, the one who delivered “baby Carrie,” over from the U.S. around the time that baby #4 is due.  She’s an amazing midwife and we have history, so I’d love for her to be here.  If she were able to come and we had the finances, we would be able to give her some money to help with the travel.  Those who know me well know that this option makes me very happy.  My God knows the desires of my heart as well.  Pray that we have the money we need for little Miller #4.

3.  More monthly supporters–We appreciate all of those who give to  us and our ministry so very much and although we love any gift, no matter the size, what we really need right now is a few more people to commit to a monthly amount.  And, truly, even “small” gifts help!  Thankfully our costs here are fairly minimal.  Our rent is below anything we would pay in the U.S., utilities are cheap, and we’ve heard that car insurance is very low (when we get a car).  Please pray that the Lord would put it on the hearts of those He already has chosen to partner with us!

Thank you so much for your love and prayers!  They are felt all the way on this side of the world.

Love and blessings,

  • oh, I’m so proud. and soooo praying. i can’t wait to see how the Lord works this out for you all! love you friend-

    p.s. (i just wrote “fried” instead of “friend” and re-read it. it was really funny to me. i love you fried. hahahaha)

  • i feel fried most days. hahaha