With new adventures in store for our family, we thought it was time to resurrect our old blog. Our plan is to be more steady with our updates and hopefully our friends and family can keep up with us better as we travel the world. The new theme and our “pen names” came from the fact that our girls love to pretend “Little House on the Prairie” and with our upcoming move, we thought we’d tell of our adventures beyond the prairie of Kansas! So enjoy and leave us a comment to let us know you’re here!


  • Clever and wonderful! I’ll be following! Yay!!!!

  • Love it!

  • I would love to follow you on your adventures via blog. So exciting.

  • it’s soo funny! thanks to the books you guys got at the library Anaiah does the same thing. She’ll come over and call me Ma’ and say she’s Laura and Elizah is baby Carrie, (Mary is at school 🙂 haha… love your girls and mine’s imagination! can’t wait for your adventures to continue.