I’m not very good at updating my girls baby books, so I knew I needed to write down somewhere all the really cool things they are doing these days. So, if you’re annoyed by moms who brag shamelessly on their children, turn away now. It’s about to get ugly!

Faith: What a little lady she’s turning out to be. This is gross, but still a proud moment. We recently had the stomach bug and Faith was such an adult! She would sadly make a beeline for the bathroom every single time. I did not have to clean up ANY misplaced yuck of hers! Good thing, too, since I was sick at the same time. Anyway, Faith has been going to a preschool 2 days a week, which she loves. It’s all material we’ve covered before, but she still enjoys it. She is our artsy girl. She’s all the time making cards and pictures for people. She loves to write words upon words upon words. Sometimes she copies out of books, sometimes I have to spell out things for her. She has a few words that she can write completely by herself: Faith, Daddy, Mommy, Haven, I love you, cat, dog, mask (not sure where that came from). There are more, but she doesn’t like to “perform,” so when I ask her, she won’t confess what she knows! She loves to talk to my belly, teach Haven things, give gifts, and pretend Bible stories.

Haven: What a little talker she’s turning out to be! She will repeat anything you say and is really starting to copy Faith quite a bit. It seems like overnight she learned to sing a bunch of songs. She sings, “Itsy, Bitsy Spider,” “Jesus loves the Little Children,” “This is the Day,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” “This Little Light of Mine,” and lots of ones with random made up words. She also enjoys “reading” books and has some parts memorized. Haven is definitely not our big eater. She can eat a ton of cereal, but really does not eat lunch or dinner well. She does not like veggies of any kind, except tomato soup. I’ve recently gotten sneaky and put chopped up spinach in her smoothies. She likes peanut butter and jelly, but not mac ‘n cheese. Something she loves one day, she will not touch the next. Mostly, she doesn’t eat anything except breakfast. And this girl LOVES her some babies!! All day long, she carries babies around, loving on them. If she sees one in real life, it’s all over. She wants to talk to them, touch them, hold them, etc. She is definitely our nurturer. She’s also been loving movies and playing with Faith. They get along fairly well together. They especially love to hold hands and dance in circles and sing.

Baby Neely is growing, growing. I’m almost 37 weeks and getting really excited to meet her. Faith and Haven have such different looks that I’m curious to see what Neely will look like. I’m also really curious about her little personality. We’re planning another home birth for Neely and are really looking forward to it. We have a great Christian midwife who really feels like more of a friend than anything. I’m so thankful for her! I’ll keep you updated and will post when Neely makes her entrance into our family.

  • yeah! love the shameless bragging. it is at times, necessary. selfishly, i am pumped that they are not too terribly different from the last time i saw them. 😉 i haven’t missed too much!!!

    except that they look really cute in their snow stuff, and i think faith looks way older than she did when ya’ll left. don’t tell daddy i said that. . . . 🙂


  • Love it! I hope Neely’s birth goes well and can’t wait to hear about it. What a blessing… a house full of girls!!!!