On the risk of sounding crazy, I have to admit that I love driving a stick shift vehicle.  It’s one of those strange things in life that makes you feel like you have some power!  I realize that sound silly, but it’s true, at least for me.  Well, it appears that the Lord is shifting gears for us and “our plans” which we thought were His plans.  Except that I don’t feel in control.  Quite the opposite, actually, and I think it’s a good place to be when you are dealing with the Lord.  Because I, in my little tiny scope of life, really don’t need to be in control . . . of anything . . . ever.  But, that is a whole seperate subject.  Most of you probably got our update, but for those who did not, here it is, in an edited version.  My hubby can explain it all way better than i can anyway! 

We write to you with an important update concerning some upcoming changes in our plans. Earlier in the year, in prayer we kept feeling God impressing our hearts that “this year is going to look different than what you’re thinking.” We weren’t exactly sure what that meant, but we tucked it away in the back of our minds. Early in the year, I met with the core leaders of the network of churches that we are serving, and together we worked out the schedule for the training events that I would be conducting through the spring. Shortly thereafter I began going to different churches in different parts of K-land, conducting seminars on the weekends.
Then about mid-February, the “whirlwind” hit. The Bishop who gives leadership to the churches here, “J”, and his wife “H” were living in the United States. In February, J was here in K-land on a visit while H was in the States. While he was here, J received word that H had died as a result of her second stroke in recent months. J and H have led the churches here for many years, and they are dearly loved. H’s death sent things into a tailspin. J immediately flew back to the States, and the church here began the grieving process and also began scrambling to work out logistics, because H’s expressed desire had been that she be buried in her native soil of K-land. Because of this situation, we suddenly had to cancel most of the training events that we had scheduled several weeks earlier.
On our part, while all this was happening, we as a family were going through a very intense time of cross-carrying on a number of levels. We all kept getting sick, and just couldn’t seem to shake it. We were also being called by God to trust Him for our daily needs at new level (which, by the way, He was very faithful to do). “Ma,” as you know, is due to deliver our next child in mid-May, and even though K-land has a number of quality facilities for baby-delivery, as we entered into the beginning of March we still were feeling no peace in our hearts about the birthing options that were before us. Also, though we’ve been so thankful for the financial support we’ve received from supporters the last several months, we still didn’t have what we needed for upcoming birth-related expenses or for purchasing a car—which would soon move from being an option to being a necessity for our survival upon the baby’s arrival in May. Also, recently the many passages in Scripture, e.g. 2 Cor. 1, where people had one plan or timetable in mind, but then God had a different plan or timetable in mind, kept coming to my mind.
All of these things together began to drive us to the Lord with the question of whether it was His will for us to return to the US in early April before the baby arrives in May, rather than our original plan of being here 18 months. This was a difficult thought for us, because we love K-land, feel at home in the culture and among the people, and love the churches we’re connected with. However, our heart’s desire was to lay our plans down if that was what God was asking of us. Then, this last Saturday night/early Sunday morning, Ma had a dream that she sensed was from the Lord, and when she shared it with me the next morning and we discussed it, it seemed like confirmation that God was in fact shifting our plans. Then, a few days later on Tuesday, I met with the core leaders of the church to get their thoughts. At the meeting, we were all blown away by the Lord’s faithfulness. That morning before we met, the Holy Spirit spoke to one of the pastors while he was waking up from sleep and told Him that I was coming to request to be released back to the US. The pastor said that when the Holy Spirit spoke this to him, he immediately felt a deep peace about letting us go. He said, “this is the will of God,” and we all quickly agreed that we needed to yield our plans to those of the Master. We then talked about how God is doing things throughout the world right now on a level far bigger than anything our little minds could understand, and that what God was doing in terms of our relationship ultimately had a time-table far beyond 18 months. Interestingly, the day before this meeting I received news that my work permit had been approved, and therefore over the next three years I can come and go to and from K-land whenever I want and as often as I want. I have no doubt that I’ll be coming back and forth in the years ahead, and that over the last several months God has forged some very important relationships.
So our plan at this point is to return to the US the first week of April, at which time we will pick up our van from my sister’s place. After a little time with family, we will then drive to KC, where we will have the baby and spend most of the summer. At this point we do have an inkling about what will be happening with us after that, but we are waiting for a little more confirmation from the Lord before we make that known. We’ll keep you posted as things develop on that end. 
We love all of you, and value you greatly. See you soon.
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