So, we haven’t posted on our new blog for almost 2 months. We haven’t even given out the address to many people. I could give a million excuses, but I won’t.

What’s happening with us? We’re busy like the rest of America, with holiday stuff. We leave tomorrow for South Carolina to see my family. Then, we fly back home on Christmas day and Tim’s family comes here for a week or so. It will be a great time and we’re really blessed to get to see both sides of our family!

Tim is super busy with IHOP responsibilities, writing, and readying a mission school for a Fall 2008 launch! I’ve entered into my final trimester of my pregnancy and am still feeling pretty good. It’s definitely a challenge being pregnant with a 2 year old, but it also has benefits. Faith’s gotten good at picking things up for Mommy!

Faith is a lot of fun right now, but definitely is a challenge at the same time! She calls Christmas ornaments “oda-umps” and loves for you to tell her (or her to tell you) the story of the first Christmas.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

“Daddy taught me how to bury myself in leaves. I loved it!”

“I’m expressing my dramatic talent by singing/swaying my head to the music.”

“Mommy’s shoes match my outfit.”

“Me and my babies are praying for Israel.” (Faith’s teacher at church taught her to pray for Israel, which she does every single day now! She likes to get her babies in on the action!)

“Mommy doesn’t let me color with markers much. I don’t know why!” (In case you can’t see, she has a huge blue mark across her nose. Bless Crayola for washable markers!!)