Faith really enjoys learning and has been pretty excited about doing homeschool. We’ve just started the subject of “science,” which has just been a very, very basic covering of creation, plants, animals, our bodies, etc. We’ve talked about different animals, where they live, what kind of coverings they have (fur, skin, etc.), their babies and things like that.

This is giving background for something very funny that happened today. I went to get Faith up from her nap and she came out of her room very excited about something. I can’t really express the excitement in her voice, but just imagine it. She said all of this quickly and breathlessly:

“Mommy, did you know something about kangaroos? They only have 2 feet because they have pouches for their babies if they had 4 feet, they couldn’t carry their babies in pouches and the babies would fall out and would have to walk for themselves and so they only have 2 feet and 2 hands and they don’t have wings to fly because they have to carry their babies in pouches, so they have to have 2 feet and 2 hands to walk and so that the babies don’t fall out and have to walk by themselves so they don’t fly but they jump (and she jumps around as she says this)!!!!!!!”

I tried really hard to keep a straight face through all this, but ended up laughing anyway! Before she went to bed tonight, she said, “Oh NO! I didn’t tell Daddy about the kangaroos!” So, in order to avoid a meltdown, I called Daddy in for the infomercial about kangaroos. She told him pretty much the same thing she told me, with all the same excitement.

Oh, and I can’t leave out Haven because she does lots of cute things these days, too. Today she was banging on something and it was really loud. I said, “Oh my!” She looked at me, smiled and said “oh my!” I can’t even express how cute she says it either!

  • kangaroos really are very exciting. just wait till jesus comes back and they are really big and we can talk to them. at least, maybe. 🙂 love you friend!

  • sounds good to me!