This is a multi-purpose post since it’s been so long since we last posted! Things have truly been very busy. We did make it to the US safely. Thanks for all your prayers! The trip went very smoothly–the girls slept well on the plane and survived our long layover in NY. We flew into Charlotte, spent a few days there with friends, drove to KY to see family, stayed there a little over a week, then drove to KC! We attended my sister’s wedding reception (she got married on the beach in FL and just had a reception in KY) while in KY and did some traveling there too. After being here with friends for a few days, we got moved into an apartment where we’ll live while here. The day after we moved in, Tim left on a trip to MN. Our church is having 10 year anniversary celebrations, which means lots of extra services over the weekend. Faith’s started school (like a homeschool co-op), I’ve been to the prayer room a few times, we’ve been to the library, played with friends, etc. So, now you can see why we’ve been busy!!

We’re loving our time in the States so far. The girls have adjusted well and fairly quickly. We really didn’t have much jet lag, which was the mercy of the Lord! Again, thanks for the prayers! Haven has had the hardest time, just being around lots of other kids and trying out her 18 month old will on kids who are bigger than her and don’t appreciate it very much! Faith is loving playing with old friends, though, and making some new ones, too. She really loves school and Haven and I enjoy the one-on-one time. On Thursday mornings, they have special prayer time in the prayer room for pregnant moms. I went this last week and really enjoyed it. Next weekend we have Tim’s youngest sister’s wedding in IN, so we’ll be on the road again. We are all participating in the wedding (except Haven), which will be fun. Tim is conducting the service, I’m reading Scripture, and Faith is a flower girl. It should be fun! So, we’re staying busy, but really enjoying it.

I haven’t taken many pictures lately, but will try to get some posted soon.