Here is my long anticipated (ha!) thanksgiving list.  I am thankful that:
1.  Big girl “Mary” loves, loves, loves school!  This makes my job a breeze.
2.  “Laura” is becoming better adjusted and her behavior has really improved/settled down in the past week or two.
3.  We survived our first weekend without “Pa” around.  He’ll be teaching out in the countryside many weekends and will travel quite a bit.  Sometimes we’ll travel with him, but many times we’ll stay home.  The girls did great and we actually did better than survive!  We really did miss him so much, though.
4.  Pa is really amazing with his girls.  He deals with the drama much better than I do!
5.  We were given a chicken for eating.  Chicken is a bit expensive here, so it’s nice to get one for free.
6.  The internet is chock full of made from scratch recipes.  I’ve been able to whip up some things that you can’t find here, like ketchup and barbeque sauce.
7.  We have a nice, big house with a wonderful yard.
8.  Rainy season appears to be over!  I love rain, but it makes it difficult to dry clothes when it rains every day for weeks at a time.
9.  Tile floors are easy to clean.
10.  The weather (temperature) has been perfect!  Not too cool, not too hot.  I am definitely NOT missing Minne-snow-ta winter!
11.  A recent ultrasound showed a healthy baby.  Unfortunately, the sex is still yet to be determined.
12.  K English has many funny phrases or words that make me giggle (behind my back).  For example, “alight”=the place you are going to get off the bus, “flash”=to call someone and hang up before they answer so that either they will have your number or they will call you back and use their minutes instead of yours!

That’s all for now.  Blessings,

  • Be careful… “flash” will become a normal phone word & can get strange looks if you use it in the US!