The teething beast, that is. This week I was completely caught off guard when I happened to look in Haven’s mouth and see 2 gigantor teeth coming in! Faith didn’t get her first tooth until she was 9 months. I didn’t even realize babies could get teeth this early (Haven’s 5 months old)! So, needless to say, our little one has been a big, ol’ CRAB! She’s been super fussy and it has been NO fun! The good news is that the teeth are almost through already.

Faith has been doing well. We moved a BIG “big girl” bed into her room today. Just don’t ask me why. 🙂 She’s been in a toddler bed for a while, but we just thought it might be fun for her to have a big bed. We’ve had a full bed in the garage since we moved in here, so we just put the mattress on the floor and VOILA–big bed fun. Next month she gets to start going to a gymnastics class (for free!) and I think she’ll eat it up! Her big saying right now is, “I changed my mind.”

I’ll have to put pics in the next post. It’s a long (boring) story. Sorry.

  • Aw, Big Bed!

  • Hadessah and Hezekiah both got their first teeth by 3 months. Apparently I did too. The good thing is,all of their teeth came in fast, so hopefully that’s the case for Haven too.