This last Wednesday we decided to go out for dinner. Usually Tim is at a prayer meeting on Wednesdays and Thursday is our normal going out night, so this Wednesday was unusual. Our outing was nice and uneventful, until the ride home. We got a really nice taxi for our ride home, so we were set. Let me explain, though. There are so many taxis here, mostly old and falling apart. There has been a big push by the government to replace these junk mobiles with new, metered taxis (you have to negotiate the price for the old ones). So, you can imagine how excited we are to ride in a new taxi–complete with working a/c, door handles, seats that aren’t ripped, and one in which we don’t have to negotiate! On Wednesday, we got in this nice taxi and are headed home. There’s lots of traffic on the road, so the driver asks if he can go around it by taking the Ring Road, which, as the name suggests, goes in a circle around the whole city. We say, “sure” and are on our way. The Ring Rd is nice, wide, and not used much, so our driver is going really, really fast. Suddenly, Faith asks me if she can ride on my lap. She hasn’t done this since we first arrived and she was “culture shocked.” Since I was already holding Haven, I started to say, “no,” but decided to let her. At the same time, we’re doing our family devotions and I feel the Lord speak to my spirit, “I’m taking care of you guys.” I just assume this is a general type thing and don’t think much about it. So, we’re flying down the Ring Rd, both girls squirming all over my lap, when all of a sudden–SCREECH–the taxi driver SLAMS on the brakes. He was probably going 60 mph or so and comes to a complete stop because of some stopped traffic. I didn’t have my arm all the way around Faith at the time, but I did have one arm tightly around Haven (because she was squirming so much!). So, Faith and I hit the seat in front of us (Tim’s seat), but neither of us were hurt. If Faith had been sitting on her own, though, she would have probably been pretty hurt. She had been sitting in the middle before my lap, so it would not have been good! Thank the Lord that He was watching over us and did “take care of us.” Thanks to all of you who pray for us regularly, too. It does help!
DISCLAIMER: I realize this is why car seats are important, but really, they are impossible to use here, especially with us not having our own car. I will, however, from now on, have Faith buckle up in a seat belt when the taxi has one (because most times–they don’t!).