Last Friday, we decided to take a very spur-of-the-moment trip to a coastal town nearby. That morning, when we woke up, we had no set plans for the day. By lunch, we had decided to make the trip that afternoon! It was a little crazy getting things together, but very fun at the same time.

I won’t go into lots of details about the trip, but here are some fun highlights.
  • We took a humorous number of differing forms of transportation. Over the course of three days, we rode in/on a train, taxi, microbus (15 passenger van which works like a regular bus), tram, and horse-drawn carriage (this one was just for fun, not necessarily to get from point A to point B). All were fairly enjoyable, except for the train that took us there. We missed the “fast” train (2.5 hours) and had to take the “slow” train (3hrs, 45 min), which stopped at every podunk town between here and there!
  • Our hotel room was nice, just a bit small for a family of 4! We had a little (very, very little) balcony that overlooked the harbor and it was gorgeous. The view made up for the smallness.
  • We ate at very good, very hole-in-the-wall type seafood place that our guidebook recommended (thanks Lonely Planet!). We paid about $12 total for 2 huge plates of fried fish, calamari, steamed shrimp, clams, a huge salad, rice, and drinks!
  • We took a nice carriage ride around the harbor at sunset. Very nice and the girls enjoyed it, too. On the way back, we stopped at a hole-in-the-wall juice place (thanks again, Lonely Planet!) for the BEST mango juice I’ve ever had! It was so, so good!!
  • We got to spend a day at the beach, the first beach trip for our girls. They loved it and so did I!! We swam, built a huge sand castle, and swam some more. There were great waves coming in and Faith let me take her out to jump into them. She was so brave!
  • We spent another day at a park-like place near the ocean. Faith got to fly her first kite and pretend to go fishing, which is her favorite pretend game these days.
  • We came back very refreshed and ready to get back into normal life!
  • How very fun! Something I’m sure you’ll always remember. And aren’t vacations the best? And very necessary. Glad you got one. 🙂

  • yeah friend! i am totally jealous and i may not even tell my boys that you all got to ride on a train. . . it would inspire jealousy. 🙂 we should totally plan on that in the future. . . love you!

  • Lyd–I tried to make a cute video of Faith on the train for your boys, but there wasn’t a whole lot of cooperation! 🙂