We haven’t posted in a while, but have had lots going on around here. First, we had a visit from Meems and Peeps (Emily’s parents). It was nice to see them and let them chase Faith around for a while! We really appreciated all their help and are glad they got to come. I don’t have any pics from their visit, though, because Meems took all the pictures with her camera.

The big news in our world is that Haven has started sleeping really well at night. Up to this week, she was still waking every 2 hours. Last night was our record best at 7 straight hours! Yahoo! It’s been at least 10 months (I had to get up at night all through pregnancy for “potty breaks”) since Mommy has had 7 straight hours of sleep. Praise the Lord! We love sleep!

On another funny note, we started (and ended) potty training this week! Faith has been asking to go potty for months now, and although Mommy wasn’t ready, we finally bought the “supplies” and went to work. It was fun (and productive, if you know what I mean) for about 2 days and then Faith decided she was done. So, back to diapers she went, and Mommy breathed a sigh of relief.

Here are a few recent pics.

Faith is reading to her baby sister (at least that’s what she said)
Haven’s first submerged bath. She really enjoyed it.
Sitting pretty