Everyone either asks me who Haven looks like or tells me who they think she looks like. I don’t get it, though, because everyone has a different opinion! So, I thought I’d post some photos and ask you, my faithful readers (all 3 of you!), to decide. Unfortunately, I don’t have baby pics of me and Tim to put on here for comparison, but here are some of Faith at the same age. Obviously, their eyes are very different in color, but other than that do you think they look similar?

It’s tricky, huh? Let’s try a few more just for kicks!

Yes, that Haven is her Mama’s girl–the last pic is of her chewing a plastic brownie!
She must have a lot of Daddy in her, too, though, or she would have picked those nasty plastic nuts off the top before she put it in her mouth!

  • Isn’t it funny how people have some incessant need to identify who our kiddos look like? I’m not sure who they look like more, but one thing is for certain, they are truly goregous girls!

  • Awww, that was KC dwelling #1 =) Sorry, got a little sidetracked… I think if Faith had been a wee bit chubbier, the girls would have looked like twins. Does that count as an answer? =)

  • Can’t tell, but they are adorable.

  • I’m not sure on Haven. I think Faith looks like her Daddy in that picture of her sitting in front of the cupboard.
    But I also think it’s always easier to say “She looks just like so-and-so!” about other people’s kids. Everyone always said that the twins looked just like Aaron, but I didn’t see it at all until I saw a baby picture of him.

  • Good job, friends! Thanks for saying they’re beautiful! I agree, of course.

  • I’m in favor of you! I totally think so, but I am also really, historically bad at such things. 🙂
    loved our chat yesterday!

  • Sorry… I do read this blog. I’m just bad at this kind of thing. I think your girls look pretty similar, but I’m not sure if they favor you or Tim.