Here’s an update on our girls: they are stinkin’ cute!

Faith is (still) talking lots and lots. She picks up new phrases that she hears just once from us (both a good and bad thing). For instance, we were talking about orphans and adoption the other day and she said, “Mommy, that makes me want to cry.” So, we pray for them now (“Jesus, help the children without mommies and daddies to get mommies and daddies and send some of them to our house!”) When we get ready to get dressed in the morning and I ask her what she wants to wear, she says, “Show me my options.” Also, she calls Tim “Daddy-O” sometimes. The other day, she was standing on her tippytoes and said, “Mommy, I’m standing on my Daddy-Os!” (She knows how to say tippy toes, but was just being funny!)
Haven is adorable, too, and growing so fast! She currently (as of yesterday) weighs 14lbs, 3oz. We love tickling her chub rolls on her thighs!! She’s grabbing toys, shaking them, and sticking them in her mouth. She LOVES to watch Faith and always giggles when she jumps, dances, or pretty much anything else.
Both of them are definitely worth all of the stress, work, and lack of sleep (see post below). See for yourselves.

Check out the chub-love on the legs! Mommy’s got the good stuff.

Learning the joys of zerberts

Being sweet with Daddy (This was a special moment because Faith is not usually very cuddly–she’s always on the move!)