I (Tim) and my wife Emily have been involved in church planting, missions training, or Bible teaching in some capacity for the last ten years. Among other places, we have served Jesus in East Africa, North Africa, Kansas City, MO, and Minneapolis, MN. We are parents to four beautiful daughters: Faith, Haven, Neely, and Mercy. From the very beginning of our pilgrimage in ministry and as a married couple, the Lord has persistently drawn us to the question of how to see Jesus’ disciples established on a foundation sufficient for them to stay faithful through times of testing and persecution (for more, see Poised for Harvest, Braced for Backlash). Beginning in 2006, this question took on an even greater sense of urgency as the Lord began to lead us on an unexpected twist in our journey, whereby we became convinced that the last days are in fact upon us, and that in the days ahead the Body of Christ throughout the earth will be put to the test unlike never before (see Why the Urgency?). In light of this conviction, our burden is to see followers of Christ strengthened and prepared to stand firm through the trials of the last days by embracing a life of the cross now.