We are a nomadic family. In 2008, through a series of events and circumstances, God made it clear that He was calling our family to a ministry that would involve a rigorous level of itineration for the rest of our lives. Like Abraham, He was inviting us to “live in tents” as “strangers” in different parts of the world, and to trust Him to lead us even when we “did not know where we would be going”:

By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going. By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country; he lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise. For he was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God. Heb. 11:8-10

Our family averages about six months in one location, though sometimes God has us stay somewhere for three months or nine months. We are bound to our Master’s timing, to His locations, and to His assignments. This lifestyle is very difficult at times, but God always gives us grace as He lifts our gaze again and again toward that precious “city with foundations.”

Though we often don’t know where our next assignment will be geographically or how we will get there, on a general level our function in ministry stays the same: training our children in the ways of the Lord, and giving devoted attention to “prayer and the ministry of the word” (Ac. 6:3-4). If the Holy Spirit sends us to a context where there is no vibrant church or witness, “prayer and ministry of the word” means birthing and seeking God for grace to establish new works and churches. If the Holy Spirit sends us to a context where the church has already been established, “prayer and ministry of the word” means focused time praying for the church’s strengthening and teaching the Scriptures, the latter also with a view to the church’s strengthening. In seasons of respite and recovery, “prayer and ministry of the word” means seeking renewed intimacy with Jesus as a family, and working on various projects (such as those mentioned in this website). Though the particular ministry expressions may vary from place to place and from assignment to assignment, we know that until Jesus comes back we are called to give ourselves wholly to “prayer and the ministry of the word” on some level wherever we go. Whatever resources are generated as we seek to faithfully walk out our calling are posted on the Daniel Training Network website. As already stated on our Burden page, we long to see followers of Christ strengthened and prepared to stand firm through the trials of the last days by embracing a life of the cross now. All that we do is with this end in view.